25 DIY Wedding Centerpieces With Flowers

Do You Want To Save Money By Making Your Own Centerpieces?


Learn how to make your own fresh flower centerpieces even if you have never arranged a flower before with my new book "25 DIY Wedding Centerpieces With Flowers".

It is a step by step system for the flower novice to save money and avoid stress.

When deciding on ways to decorate the tables at your wedding, you will find that glass wedding centerpieces are a consideration. Knowing what designs are available with glass can help you to decide on the centerpieces that will be suitable for your wedding.

A simple glass tray can be used as a base for wedding centerpieces as it is capable of holding a range of different decorations while remaining neutral. Make use of trays of different shapes and sizes in accordance with style of table decoration. A simple and unusual centerpiece can be created by placing your choice of glass figurines onto the glass tray.

Glass bowls and jars are available in a range of different shapes and sizes and can be used as part of wedding centerpieces. They are widely available and versatile, allowing them to be used both as standard vases and as vessels for floating candles, petals or flowers.

Glass vases can be used to create effective glass wedding centerpieces as they can be used in a range of different ways. Tall vases can be used to hold flowers that have had their stems stripped of leaves to obtain a neat clean look. Similarly, short vases can be used for flower arrangements that can be used as centerpieces. Glass vases are available in a variety of shapes and you should choose one that works with the theme of the wedding.

Additional glass can be used by way of glass pebbles in the base of a vessel being used as a glass wedding centerpiece. These can be used simply as decoration or as support for any flowers fitted into the vessel. Further, make use of frosted and colored glass to adjust the look of the centerpieces to match them to other decorations in the room or on the table.

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