Weddings are all about elegance and style but you do not want your decor to blend into a muted background – to be memorable your centerpieces need to be dramatic.

That does not mean gaudy, it just means visually interesting, and by adding height to create tall wedding centerpieces you can do just that.

Traditional floral arrangements can be used if you can find the tall, thin vases to display them in.

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You can also stick with natural materials by making wedding centerpieces with branches. You can arrange them so that they look like trees and then decorate them to tie in with your wedding theme or time of year. If you need some winter wedding centerpieces, why not add some shimmering sparkles by spray painting them in silver and then draping them with crystal beads. If you are marrying in spring, leave the branches unpainted but adorn them with pastel colored ribbon bows to mimic dainty flowers.

Photo by jalvear.

Creating vertical lines without flowers is also quite easy. Find some faux coral and paint it in a dramatic color that ties in with your theme and then stand it up in a sandy bed. For complete beach wedding centerpieces, arrange starfish or shells on the sand as well. To move away from an ocean tie in, sprinkle flower blossoms around the coral wedding centerpiece for a unique display. If you are planning your centerpieces and theme at the same time, you can use the coral idea as an anchor and use it on invitations and favour boxes too.

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candelabras ideal for wedding centerpieces

Candelabras are very romantic so are perfect for evening wedding reception centerpieces. Go for tall ones in antique colors and designs for a traditional wedding or crystal or black ones for a more modern feel. Filling them with tall candles will enhance the vertical effect even further and you can soften the look with flowers or greenery twined around the candelabra.

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For a unique centerpiece, think top down rather than bottom up to create a tall wedding centerpiece. In other words, consider something that is suspended over the table rather than sat on it. Chains of large headed flowers, such as Gerber daisies, could impressively ‘float’ down from the ceiling and will definitely draw the eye upwards.

Photo by Louis Beche.

Tall centerpieces can be fun to come up with if you let your creative juices flow. Decide upon your chosen material for the centerpiece and then think about how you can turn it into a tower or stack. Imagine stacks of old books piled appealingly or small candles arranged on stands with different tiers. Edible centerpieces are perfect for this effect as you can use tiered cake stands as the base of your display. Give it some thought and see if you can come up with something you can call your own when it comes to your centerpieces.