25 DIY Wedding Centerpieces With Flowers

Do You Want To Save Money By Making Your Own Centerpieces?


Learn how to make your own fresh flower centerpieces even if you have never arranged a flower before with my new book "25 DIY Wedding Centerpieces With Flowers".

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With the large range of centerpieces available on the market, it is easy to overlook wedding fruit centerpieces. However, you will find it possible to create a unique and highly creative centerpiece by using this method.

Designs for fruit centerpieces for wedding receptions can still create quite an impact despite them being rather basic. Consider filling the entire recess of a glass tower vase with the same fruit, and think about how striking it can look. If possible, choose fruit that relates to the wedding in some way, for example, if they are the same color as that of the wedding flowers. Similarly, colors can be used by mixing different fruits of the same color. An unusual centerpiece can be created with the use of fruit that is painted in a color that is not the norm, such as red bananas and blue apples.

For a tropical feel, consider a pineapple palm tree fruit display. A large version will stand out at the food buffet table, but then tie in the overall theme with mini versions at each guest table. Watch a video on how to make one here.

A traditional bowl of fruit can be glazed to make it look like a work of art and much more classy than the plastic variety. The vibrant colors and shapes of many types of exotic fruit can make it easy to create a focal point for any wedding table. Other decorative touches can be added to these designs, such as candles.

Making use of fruit alongside flowers will enable you to enhance the look of the blooms and ensure that the design is not a standard one. Sprigs of berries and dried fruit can fit in well with a range of flowers.

Consider creating a fruit wedding centerpiece by forming fruit from other substances. For example, marzipan is ideal as it can be easily manipulated and accepts food coloring. Forming miniature versions of the fruit you want to use will enable you to use a greater number of items than you would with standard sizes.

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