If your wedding is to take place in autumn, you may want to create autumn wedding centerpieces so that they are appropriate to the season. By putting a few simple tips into practice, you will be able to create beautifully autumnal centerpieces for your wedding.

Starting Point

In addition to the season, take the theme of the wedding into account when deciding on the base that will be appropriate for the centerpieces. For example, glass will be appropriate for a modern, stylish wedding, while terracotta or ceramic will suit a more traditional event. The size and shape of the receptacle that will be used to create the centerpieces must also be considered in accordance with the items it will support. Avoid the use of anything too bright or gaudy as they do not fit well with the autumn season.

Inner Support

When building a centerpiece, you will need to create a support for the decoration if you are using anything other than a tray. Consider creating an authentically autumnal centerpiece by filling a terracotta pot with earth to use as a base for further decoration. If using a glass vase, fill the base with multi-colored gravel to create a lovely visual design touch. Ensure that you use muted tones rather than bright colors to maintain an autumn look. Glass pebbles can be used in addition to or as an alternative to gravel.


Opt for seasonal flowers and plants to complete the design for your autumn wedding centerpiece. Any flowers used should be of muted tones and touches of color can be added with sprigs of berries. Modern stylish centerpieces can be created with minimal plants and flowers, while a traditional centerpiece will result by filling the vessel. Deep earthy colors are more suitable when it comes to this season.

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