Feathers can be fun and chic, or they can be a little bit naughty, depending on how and where you use them. On the cute little clutch purse they’re chic and trendy, while on that racy little black negligee they can send out vibes that are anything but cute. So, feather centerpieces for weddings are what you think you might like to add some of that chic and fun and just a hint of something else to your big day?

Before you jump in with both feet, make sure you know a little something about the types of feathers typically used for this kind of application. And, then find out where you can get the product, either completely finished, or the components if you are a do-it-yourself kind of gal.

The most common types of feathers used for centerpieces are ostrich and peacock, with some coque feathers occasionally noted.

Ostrich feathers, or plumes, can be rather large, and can be dyed in a wide variety of colors. Imagine on old-fashioned quill pen, the kind that would have been used to sign the Declaration of Independence. That’s a plume, and very much like the ostrich feather that would be used in ostrich feather centerpieces.

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Peacock feathers are very easily recognized by the iridescent green-hue they have and by the eye-like pattern that figures prominently in the center of each feather. These too may be dyed to match a particular color scheme, and amazingly the prominent details of the feathers remain intact despite the change in coloration.

Finally, are coque feathers. These are actually rooster tail feathers that can be dyed or bleached for an attractive feather option.

Feathers can be used as whole feathers, or plumes, as stripped plumes with all but the very top portion of the feather removed from the sheath or quill, or as strings of feathers grouped together.

Ostrich plumes come in a variety of lengths ranging from 8 inches to close to 30 inches. These make a lovely wedding centerpiece when simply placed with 5 or more plumes in a tall necked vase, called an Eiffel Tower vase. Eiffel Tower vases vary in height allowing for the use of even the longest of ostrich plumes on a table top. This slender necked vase, when filled with lush ostrich plumes creates a palm-like vision of feathery elegance.

Peacock feathers are also available in various lengths. These can be added to a traditional floral arrangement, or as with the ostrich plumes, placed in Eiffel Tower vases.

Coq feathers are perfect as accents on floral arrangements or when used with hurricane candle holders. A tall candle holder set inside a wider hurricane with feathers arranged around the outside of the tall holder will cast a lovely light when the candle inside the tall holder is lit. For the fire-safety conscience couple the use of glow lights will add a romantic glow that will last up to 48 hours after the wedding, without lighting a flame.

Online websites offer not only a wide selection of feather styles and colors for sale or rent, but a host of how-to instructions and kits for making your own wedding centerpieces. Feather plumes, boas and flowers are only a small sample of what you will find once you start looking for the perfect feathers to create the feather wedding centerpieces of your dreams.