25 DIY Wedding Centerpieces With Flowers

Do You Want To Save Money By Making Your Own Centerpieces?


Learn how to make your own fresh flower centerpieces even if you have never arranged a flower before with my new book "25 DIY Wedding Centerpieces With Flowers".

It is a step by step system for the flower novice to save money and avoid stress.

When it comes to making a classy wedding, decorating is key. And one of the best decorative mediums in a classy setting is metal — whether black, silver, or gold, or etched, highlighting, or oiled. If you’re looking to forge a wedding full of class and high society, consider utilizing metal candle holders as part of your wedding centerpieces. Even if they aren’t the focal point, having a few around will give your wedding an air of richness. Weddings that are classy but have a more distinct theme can also get a lot out of these centerpiece touches!

Metal and candles compliment each other very nicely, especially when the candles are white and the candle holders black. If you are having a monochrome wedding, try purchasing some Spanish scroll wrought iron candle holders (for as low as $6 online) of various heights and arranging them as your entire centerpiece, using white candles to fill them.

What if you’re planning a classy natural wedding? Framed metal tree candle holders can form the backbone of your centerpieces, adding a natural feel. If you go with this option, consider placing some smaller candle holders around each “tree,” or sprinkle some real leaves or branches to emphasize the natural aspect.

Metal spiral candle holders make amazing centerpieces as well. These are the epitome of classy – similar in shape to a spiral staircase, only emphasized with glittering points of light. Your guests’ breath will be taken away when they step into a room filled with these spiral centerpieces crowning each tabletop.

Even more rustic weddings can benefit from metal candle holders. Purchase some rusty boxy holders and fill them with powerful candles, then dim all the lights. Place them close to the decorations (not so close they catch fire, of course), and let them do all the work of creating a homey atmosphere.

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