Fall is a romantic time to tie the knot, even more so if you live somewhere with fabulous foliage which can form a fairytale backdrop for your wedding. There are numerous possibilities for fall wedding centerpieces. Here are some of the best ideas.

  • Foliage leaves add a brilliant touch of color to your wedding décor. Use them to decorate the tables and place them beneath candle holders. You can even make a pile of foliage leaves in a prominent spot to create the mood of the season.
  • You can’t go wrong with flowers for wedding centerpieces and the fall season provides you with a wide range of choices. Popular ones include sunflower, hydrangea, mums and daisies.
  • Fruits make for attractive, yet low-cost centerpieces. Great examples are apples and pears. Arrange them in attractive vases or incorporate them into floral arrangements.
  • Fall’s perennial favorite – pumpkins – also makes for eye-catching centerpieces. You can make a jack-o-lantern for every table. Or place mini pumpkins together with floating candles in water-filled bowls. Another suggestion is to use a hollow pumpkin as a vase for blooms. For more variety, add squash to the pumpkin decorations.
  • Get some pretty glass bowls, fill them with fall foliage and you would have made an attractive centerpiece. Add in some acorns and tie a pretty ribbon around the rim of the bowl to complete the look.
  • Want something different from the conventional flower display? Get a few tall vases and place some pine cones and acorns at the base. Then arrange some long branches with attached fall leaves in the vases. Just what you need to complete the romantic fall-themed look.

There are so many ideas that you can use to create stunning fall wedding table centerpieces. They will jazz up the wedding décor and enhance the romance and magical air of a fall-themed wedding.