Is the budget for your wedding running out of control? If you want to cut back on some of the spend for your big day but still be original and creative, have a look at the following ideas for cheap wedding centerpieces. Keep in mind the theme and/or color scheme of your wedding and let your imagination run wild.

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Make the wedding bouquets earn their keep. After the ceremony place them in vases and use them as centerpieces for wedding tables. The chances are nobody will notice and you will have halved your flower budget.

Save some money on floral centerpieces by making them yourself. Keep it simple yet elegant by arranging bright Gerber daisies in clear glass jugs. Be minimalistic combining a few exotic stems stood in glass vases with a base of white stones. Even single flowers at every guest’s place setting along with table confetti would make elegant wedding centerpieces.

Alternatively save yourself a lot of time on the big day by using silk flowers that you can prepare ahead of time. Try your local hobby or craft store to find a large selection you can experiment with before finalizing the arrangement. They will also have cheap vases or ribbon you could use to house the display.

For a simple yet effective display, arrange cheap tea lights in the center of the table and scatter rose petals around them.

An idea to stay away from flowers and keep to a limited budget would be to use fruits stacked in glass vases – either whole dotted with a little greenery or sliced floating in water. Mini sweet bowls containing sweets of the same color as the fruit finishes the display. You could even fill tall glass containers with nuts and a few bright flowers.

For something more informal, shop around for large glass jars or vases to use as inexpensive wedding centerpieces and fill them with jelly babies, M&Ms or other popular sweets. Tart up the container with a silk ribbon.

Photo by roblisameehan.

Glass bowls can be purchased quite cheaply from many places. These can then be filled with rose petals, floating candles or glass stones.

If you are a keen gardener, you could make budget wedding centerpieces from white flower pots filled with ivy and other flowers you have in your garden. Alternatively buy some potted plants from your local garden center or DIY store. Spruce up the pots with spray paints or gold leaf and a ribbon and then plant them in your garden once the wedding is over or encourage guests to take them home.

For an inexpensive candle arrangement, find some square mirrors and place various different sized candles on them. Scatter with glass crystals to finish the deal. Mirrored tiles can be found quite cheaply at home improvement outlets and add a sparkle to the glow of the candles flames. Candles are a great way to enhance the colour scheme of the wedding tables. Use candles in the theme color sitting in low bowls of a contrasting color for an impressive effect.

Have a browse on Ebay for old fashioned kitchen accessories such as tea pots. Fill them with roses in a contrasting color.

Balloon displays are great to add vertical interest to tables and make quite cheap centerpieces. You only need the balloons, a helium tank, some weights and a bit of time to get the arrangements together. Pearlescent balloons are the norm for wedding centerpieces but you can rest easy knowing your theme color will be available. You do not need to stick to the familiar shape either – heart shapes are perfect for weddings. Keep your ribbon lengths different so that the balloons form an attractive display and spice up the weights by using heavy chocolate bars instead of fancy rocks.

For wedding centerpieces on a budget that have that personal touch think about making a photo cube, using pictures of the bride and groom when they were young or the early days of their relationship. You could personalize the cubes even further by including photos of family and friends with the happy couple and place them on the tables where these specific guests are known to be sitting.

Wedding centerpieces do not need as much of the day’s budget allocated to them as you might think. Creativity is the key to a stunning, inexpensive design and you will feel very satisfied when the guests are amazed at your ingenuity.