Looking for a centerpiece that will add an elegant touch to your wedding? Think ostrich feather centerpieces. This adornment has become increasingly popular for weddings in recent years.

Here are some tips on how to make ostrich feather wedding centerpieces:

  • Know the different types of ostrich feathers to help you choose an optimum arrangement. Femina feathers consist of large plumes and are ideal for fuller displays. Drab feathers, in contrast, are small and fluffy. Floss feathers are the slimmest, with dark shades. Get a mixture of the different feathers in your arrangement to create a more interesting display.
  • Choose an Eiffel Tower vase or any long-necked vase, which best complements an ostrich feather arrangement to make a tall wedding centerpiece.
  • Ostrich feathers come in a wide range of colors – white, cream, pink, red, purple, to name a few. White is your ideal choice for creating a sophisticated air at the wedding.
  • Before placing your order for ostrich feather wedding centerpieces, you need to know the type of feather arrangement you want. Generally, the more feathers used in an arrangement, the most costly it will be.
  • On a tight budget and looking to create your own centerpieces? Start by buying the type of ostrich feathers you want. Get good quality ones which won’t get torn easily. Also get some Eiffel Tower vases and bouquet holders.
  • When assembling your arrangement, start by inserting the longest feathers into the bottom of the bouquet holder. Work your way up the bouquet holder, placing shorter ostrich feathers nearer the top and at the edges. The feathers should be displayed such that they fan out in the shape of a palm tree.
  • Be sure to assemble your feather centerpieces a few days before the reception as the feathers take time to set in and take shape.
  • Jazz up your ostrich feather centerpieces with lighting. Try adding floralytes, or wireless lights, to the vase to provide some beautiful illumination.

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With the elegant and exotic air they exude, ostrich feather centerpieces for weddings are guaranteed to be attention grabbers and will certainly enhance the “wow” factor of your wedding.