25 DIY Wedding Centerpieces With Flowers

Do You Want To Save Money By Making Your Own Centerpieces?


Learn how to make your own fresh flower centerpieces even if you have never arranged a flower before with my new book "25 DIY Wedding Centerpieces With Flowers".

It is a step by step system for the flower novice to save money and avoid stress.

You’re getting down to the nitty gritty of wedding planning, and you’ve come to the centerpieces. Suddenly, you discover that the world of centerpieces is very expensive, and unless you want something that looks as cheap as it was, many pre-purchased centerpieces will bust up your budget pretty badly. So why not go with something simpler or even handmade? Square vases are a great place to start in putting together your own wedding centerpieces. Here are some ideas to make them more appealing.

Arrange several for varying heights. Get some short cubes, some wide rectangles, and some tall, skinny boxy vases. You may balk at buying so many vases, but when square and rectangular vases can be as inexpensive as $1.50 each wholesale, you’ll actually save a boatload, even if you use more than one per table.

Rest or float candles inside. Square and clear may seem boring, but when you put some polished pebbles or colored water inside and add a smidge of fire, these vases will add gentle ambiance to each table you grace with them.

Buy some beta fish. Get some good sized square, clear vases and fill them with water. Add a few themed touches to the bottom (specific color of sand, perhaps), then place a beta fish inside. The guests can even take home a fish if they would like!

Make “frames” out of them. Collect some printed pictures of you and your future spouse and fasten them to the inside of the vases to make them into clear “frames.” A square vase can work well for frames because you can place one picture on each side, allowing you to display several whimsical photos, whether they are your engagement shots or something less formal. Fill the vases with glass pebbles, and place in some fake flowers for an extra touch.

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